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Sea transport enterprise
05.05.2012 10:18

Sea transport enterprise

1) Enterprise carrying out in one or more places activities for the production of sea transport services and whose main activities according to the value added is sea transport.

In terms of activity classifications the following classes are involved:

-ISIC/Rev.3: 6110 - Sea and coastal water transport.

- NA CE/Rev. 1: 61.10 - Sea and coastal water transport2. Even those enterprises without salaried employees are taken into account. Only units that actually carry out an activity during the reference period should be included. "Dormant" units or those that have not as yet begun their activity are excluded. Ports, and other units providing supporting and auxiliary transport services are excluded.

Джерело: Тлумачний англо-російсько-український словник транспортних термінів: 447 термінів. - Одеса: Вид-во ОНМУ, 2007. – С. 27 (287 с.)

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