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1) Trade, business and professional journals are a valuable source of information for those engaged in all forms of transport and the best means of keeping up-to-date with industry news.

A wide variety of such journals are available and the ILT maintains supplies of the following in its London Reading Room and the Corby Library: Airline Business; Buses; Coach and Bus Week; Commercial Motor; Containerisation International; Distribution; Distribution Business; Economist; Fairplay & Fairplay Solutions; Flight International; Freight; Great Britain Bus Timetable; H&T (Formerly Highways and Transportation); IFW; Jane's Airport Review; Local Transport Today; Logistics Europe; Logistics Manager; Maritime Policy & Management; Modern Railways; Motor Transport; Parking Review; Passenger Rail Management; Planning; Public Transport International; Rail; Railway Gazette International; Surveyor; Traffic Engineering & Control (TEC); Tramways & Urban Transit; Transit.

Source: David Lowe. The Dictionary of Transport and Logistics. Kogan Page, 2002. – P.134 (288 p.)

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