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Fuel duty escalator

1) The Government’s annual road fuel duty escalator, started in 1993 and recently dropped, to tackle the problem of pollution, under which fuel prices were increased by a percentage above the current rate of inflation.


Duty to stop

1) In the case of a road accident, where injury or damage is caused other than to the driver himself and his vehicle, the driver must stop. Failure to do so is a serious offence carrying heavy penalties.


Duty to give information

1) The driver of a vehicle who is involved in a road accident (where injury or damage is caused, other than to the driver himself or his vehicle) must give to anybody having reasonable grounds for requiring it, his own name and address, the name and address of the vehicle owner and the registration number of the vehicle.


Duty free fuel

1) Diesel fuel (ie rebated heavy oil) on which reduced duty has been paid. Such fuel is commonly called gas oil or red diesel and is intended for use in off-road vehicles, contractors plant, farm vehicles, etc. It is illegal to use it in normal road vehicles - full duty-paid diesel fuel must be used in these.



1) (1) Legal charge payable to Customs in connection with goods imported or exported. (2) The time spent by an employee (eg an LGV driver) working for his employer. Includes driving, loading/unloading and waiting time. Also rostered duties for bus drivers. See also Changed duty sheet.


Таможенная пошлина (customs duty)

1) налог, которым облагаются импортируемые продукты. В отличие от тарифов, таможенные пошлины используются главным образом как источник государственных доходов, а не как средство защиты отечественных производителей от иностранной конкуренции.


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