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Heavy rail

1) Conventional rail services as opposed to tramway and light rail (ie LRT) systems.


Heavy oil

1) Correct term for describing diesel oil (as opposed to light oil - ie paraffin, etc). Diesel engines are correctly referred to as heavy oil engines.


Heavy motor car

1) Legal term for a lorry or bus being a vehicle constructed to carry goods or passenger and with an ulw exceeding 2,540 kg. See also Motor car.


Heavy locomotive

1) Heavy vehicle legally defined as being one which is not constructed to carry a load and with an ulw exceeding 11,690 kg -namely, a pulling vehicle primarily used in heavy haulage (see above).


Heavy lift

1) An aircraft or ship designed and equipped specially for carrying exceptionally heavy items (eg machinery). In road haulage the equivalent would be an abnormal load or 'Special Types' vehicle.


Heavy haulage

1) Common term for business of hauling exceptionally heavy or large items (ie abnormal loads frequently outside scope of the C&U regulations and within Special Types General Order). Renowned industry sector for large, powerful and often specially built tractors and trailers.


Heavy goods vehicle

1) Legally defined as goods vehicle exceeding 7.5 tonnes pmw (including the weight of any trailer drawn). Relevant particularly to driver licensing requirements. Now replaced by term large goods vehicle - LGV - due to implementation of EU unified driver licensing scheme.


Rebated heavy oil

1) Diesel (ie heavy) oil on which a reduced rate of duty is payable and illegal for use in road vehicles (with certain limited exceptions such as farm vehicles and construction plant) - but can be used to fuel separate 'fridge motors' (ie refrigeration units), etc.


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