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Fuel consumption testing

1) New cars displayed for sale since 1978 must show official fuel consumption figures produced by official testing carried out in government approved laboratories/test tracks - Energy Act 1976 and Passenger Car Fuel Consumption Order 1977.


Psychometric assessment/testing

1) A 'tool' used in the recruitment and selection of staff - ie the use of tests to determine an applicant's mental ability, aptitude and personality, etc.


Plating and testing

1) Term for annual goods vehicle test. Applies to goods vehicle over 3,500 kg gvw, all artics and trailers over 1,020 kg unladen (with certain exceptions).


Annual testing 2 (passenger vehicles)

1) Passenger vehicles are subject to annual testing in much the same way as goods vehicles described above, the actual requirements depending on the classification of the vehicle. Basically, passenger vehicles seating not more than eight persons fall within scope of the Class IV ‘MOT’ test conducted at approved garages displaying the white triangular symbol on a blue background or at designated Council garages.


Annual testing 1 (goods vehicle)

1) A scheme for testing goods vehicles over 3,500 kg gvw, articulated vehicles and certain goods-carrying trailers annually from the anniversary date of first registration at Goods Vehicle Test Stations. On passing a ‘test certificate’ is issued which must be produced when applying for vehicle excise licences and at the request of police and enforcement authorities.


Тестирование упаковки (Package testing)

1) Моделирование нежелательных воздействий, которым может подвергнуться упаковка с товаром на складе и в пути.


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