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Материалы, в которых встречается метка (тэг, tag)


Two-dimensional bar code (2D bar code)

1) Codes in which information is placed in two dimensions and read from side to side, and up and down, by special scanning equipment and which can be read even if partially damaged. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Linear bar code

1) A method of automatic identification using a series of light spaces and dark bars of differing densities, in standard formats, to enable a computer to read data and letters accurately without keyboard entry. See also Barcode. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Matrix bar code

1) See Two-dimensional bar code.


Сканер штрихового кода (Bar-code scanners)

1) Электронный прибор для считывания штрихового кода. Используется для отслеживания движения грузов, уровня материальных запасов, определения момента очередного заказа и анализа структуры материальных запасов.


Bar coding

1) Numerically-based system for storing information about an item (price, location, minimum stock level, etc). Shown on item in form of a bar code which can be electronically read when passed across a scanner.



1) British Association of Removers. Trade association for furniture removal firms.


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