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User body

1) An organization (eg a consultative committee) representing the interests of a particular group of customers who use transport services (eg rail users). Some are statutory, having been set up through legislation, while others are voluntary.


Swap body

1) Interchangeable body between road vehicle/trailer and rail wagons. Built to standard lengths of 7.15 m, 7.45 m, 7.82 m, 12 m or 13.6 m. Can stand using built-in folding legs but not capable of being stacked.


Dropside (vehicle body)

1) Open-bodied goods vehicle on which the sides (sideboards) are hinged to drop down for ease of loading/unloading or to permit the carriage of wider loads – or which may be totally removed.


Compactor body

1) Vehicle body type used in refuse collection. Equipment within the body can be operated (hydraulically) to ‘compact’ the refuse loaded from the rear.


Demountable body

1) Goods vehicle load-carrying body which can be detached from the chassis (to stand independently for loading/transfer, etc). Interchangeable (ie swap body) bodies/body types to give speed of vehicle turn-round and greater flexibility in operation.


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