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Jake brake

1) Secondary engine braking system, operated by driver from switch on the dashboard. An engine compression brake which converts a heavy diesel engine into a compressor, popping the exhaust valve just before the piston hits TDC to stop normal ignition phase.


Brake fade

1) A phenomenon whereby brake linings and drums (discs even) overheat under constant (heavy) use on long or steep downhill gradients and gradually lose performance. Can be overcome by the use of retarders, exhaust brakes, etc.



1) An independent road safety organization working to prevent death and injury on the road and to support traumatized road accident victims and their families.


Parking brake

1) Vehicle brake (capable of being operated by independent means) intended to hold the vehicle secure when stationary (ie when parked). Must be capable of holding vehicle on gradient of at least 1 in 6.25 (ie 16 per cent), or 1 in 8.33 (ie 12 per cent) with a trailer attached, without the assistance of stored energy.


Service brake

1) Main part of vehicle braking system intended to meet normal braking requirements and providing the highest efficiency of any part of the vehicle braking system (ie 50 per cent efficiency on post-1968 goods vehicles).


Secondary brake

1) Vehicle braking system provided by secondary means of operation either independently of service braking system or by means of split system. Must provide 25 per cent efficiency on post-1968 vehicle.


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