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Two-line braking

1) Braking system on articulated vehicles (mainly European) operated with two air lines only to semi-trailer UK system normally has three lines.


Dual braking system

1) On motor vehicles whereby if one system (or one part of a system) fails a second (dual part) operates to provide braking power on at least half the wheels.


Braking efficiency

1) Legal minimum standard for the efficiency of vehicle braking systems as set out in the C&U regulations. Also measure of the efficiency of a vehicle braking system usually established on a rolling road (ie roller brake tester) and shown as a percentage figure.


Anti-lock braking (ABS)

1) Anti-lock braking system. A safety system by which vehicle brakes are prevented from locking the road wheels thereby preventing skidding. Works by rapidly applying and releasing brakes so as to prevent wheel lock-up, which would induce a skid.


Fail-safe braking

1) System employed on heavy, air-braked vehicles whereby in the event of loss of air the brakes are automatically applied by springs. In effect the air holds the brakes in the off position, hence air pressure has to be built up when making a morning start so the brakes can be released.


Three-line braking

1) In goods vehicle air braking systems (mainly UK built), three air lines connected between tractive unit and semi-trailer to provide service (yellow), secondary (red) and auxiliary (blue) air supply.


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