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Break-even chart

1) Used in accounting and financial calculations for illustrating when, for example, income/revenue crosses the point of maximum costs so it is possible to see when costs have been fully recovered (ie the ‘break-even point’).


Flow chart

1) A diagrammatic representation of a sequence of planned events. Used in transport, for example, to plot when vehicles are due for service, safety inspection and annual test.


Pareto chart/diagram

1) A chart/diagram which shows figures diagram-matically in order of magnitude (often in columns or blocks).



1) (1) Tachograph chart on which recording of vehicle speed and distance are shown against time together with the driver’s working activities, breaks and rest periods - a legal document which must be retained for 12 months after use. (2) A map or plan of water and seaways used by ship’s navigators and pilots, particularly to locate appropriate safe channels to follow and dangerous waters and obstacles to avoid. Also indicates depths and currents, etc.


Tachograph chart/analysis

1) Special pre-printed circular disc with wax coated (ie pressure sensitive) surface on which recordings are made. Such can be analysed with accuracy to determine basics of vehicle/driver activity (eg observance of EU hours' law) and by specialists in event of accident.


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