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On-board computer

1) Alternative term for in-cab computer.


Disk (computer)

1) Special disk used for the external (ie back-up) storage of computer data (to avoid loss). Normally either in 3.5 in or 5.25 in size (single or double-sided floppy disks).


In-cab computer

1) Extension of modern communications technology to the vehicle cab. In-cab computers provide direct communication between driver and office/central computer for passing messages/relevant data. Some provide print out (ie hard copy) facility for confirmation. Massive future trend predicted in this direction.


Desktop (computer)

1) Term for small, personal, micro-computers which due to their size sit easily on a desk. As opposed to a mainframe (ie large), laptop (now the essential tool of the travelling businessman and others), or a palm-top/hand-held (hold-in-the-hand) computer.


Laptop computer

1) Small personal computer conveniently sized for carrying around in a briefcase. Smaller and lighter than a desktop model, but larger than a hand-held or palm-top unit. Usually has all the capabilities of a desk-top model.


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