Материалы, в которых встречается метка (тэг, tag)

Брезент (waterproof reusable cover; tarpaulin)

1) ткань, пропитанная водоотталкивающими и противогнилостными составами и предназначенная для укрытия нек-рых видов грузов тарно-штучных, хранимых на складах открытых в штабелях или перевозимых на открытом подвижном составе: по аналогии - любое укрытие для груза, изготовленное из гибкого синтетического материала.


Open cover

1) A cargo insurance agreement covering all shipments made by the assured during a stated period of time. Usually subject to a cancellation clause and a limit on the value insured in any one ship.


Invalidation of insurance cover

1) Likely if policy conditions are breached or vehicle is used for unauthorized purpose. Mainly occurs, for example, when vehicles are driven by non-licence holders, are not correctly 'O' licensed or road taxed or are operated in unroadworthy condition (ie contrary to law).


Stock cover

1) The current stock divided by the average weekly demand (weekly demand can be based on either past history or forward forecast). (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


All risks cover

1) A form of insurance cover providing protection against ‘all risks’ as opposed to specified individual risks.


Ковернот (cover note, covering note)

1) справка, выдаваемая в Великобритании брокером страхователю в подтверждение заключаемого им договора морского страхования. В К. указывают наименование страхового общества, принявшего на себя страховой риск, причем независимо от этого брокер обязан также выдать страхователю полис этого общества.


Third-party cover

1) In connection with motor vehicle insurance, limited cover which meets legal requirement (ie RTA 1988 sl43) for compulsory cover against third-party liabilities (ie claims from third parties who suffer damage or injury).


Temporary cover note

1) Issued by insurance companies to provide immediate evidence of cover pending the issue of full certificate of insurance. Provides cover for limited period (eg 30 days) but acceptable to police and for VED application, etc. If sent by post cover is not effective until insured has document in his possession.


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