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Obligatory disqualification

1) Of driving licence. See also Mandatory disqualification.


Disqualification (of driving licence holder)

1) Driving licence holders can lose the right to drive for a given period when disqualified by the Courts following conviction (or indictment) for certain road traffic (and other) offences (eg drink/driving) or in other cases when the licence holder has incurred 12 penalty points on his or her licence within three years.


Mandatory disqualification

1) Disqualification of drivers licence by Court following conviction for offence carrying mandatory disqualification (eg for causing death, reckless driving, driving while unfit through drink/drugs, driving with more than permitted alcohol level, failure to provide a breath/ blood/urine sample, racing on the highway) or when penalty points added for present conviction combine with those already imposed to total 12 or more in three years (from date of first offence to date of current offence -not conviction) in which case mandatory disqualification must be imposed.


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