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Double reduction axle

1) Vehicle rear axle with gearing (ie crown wheel and pinion – differential) designed to provide normal and lower drive ratio. Also double reduction hubs – in heavy goods vehicle to reduce stress on differential and half- (ie drive) shafts. See also Hub reduction.



1) Vehicle with two-man driving crew (usually) for long-distance/ international operations). EU law makes provision for this by way of reduced rest periods for such operations.



1) On heavy vehicles with two or more rear axles, where at least two of the axles forming a bogie are driven (as opposed to trailing axle/s which is/are not driven). This gives improved traction (eg for use on rough/steep terrain).


Double deep racking

1) Pallet racks with frames for two pallets deep using standard automatic pallet racking thereby reducing the number of gangways. Requires a modified fork-lift truck using double length forks. Selecting and putting away stock is slower than single pallet operations.



1) As in double-deck bus (ie with an upper deck carrying additional passengers) - common in the UK although rarely seen in Europe. Also double-deck trailers where an additional deck virtually doubles-up load capacity.


Double bottom

1) Form of articulated combination with two semi-trailers, the first mounted on the tractive unit, the second on a towing dolly.


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