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Young LGV Driver Training Scheme

1) Scheme established by RTIETB (run by NJTC) for training young HGV (now LGV) drivers with progression through the various classes of licence (ie Class III/II/I) to produce a qualified driver at age 21 years.


Unfit driver

1) Vehicle driver who is not fit to drive due to the effects of drink/drugs. Also, re LGV driver entitlement, driver who by his conduct has shown himself not fit to hold an entitlement to drive heavy vehicles -decided by TC who may penalize the entitlement.


Driver number

1) UK driving licences feature an identifying code known as the driver number which contains the first five letters of the driver’s surname, or if their surname has less than five letters the remaining spaces are filled by the number 9 (eg the surname Cox would appear as COX99).


Driver employment agency

1) Employment agency specializing in the provision of licensed LGV drivers (eg Overdrive).


Driver defect report

1) Required under provisions of ‘ O’ licensing. Licence holders must undertake to ensure they have a proper system for drivers to report defects in their vehicles - failure to do so could lead to penalty against the licence.


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

1) Executive body of the DTLR that has taken over the driver and vehicle licensing work of the DVLC.


Master Driver

1) New (in 2000) driver training scheme developed by the RTITB to boost skills and create a new class of 'master drivers'.


Conduct of driver

1) Re PSV/PCV operations, legal requirements relating to drivers whereby they must conduct themselves in an orderly and civil manner.


Agency driver

1) A temporary driver hired from staff/employment agency firm (eg Manpower organization) to cover for staff shortages/holidays/ illness, etc.


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