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Dual-purpose vehicle

1) A vehicle specifically defined in law. It may be generally described as being constructed or adapted to carry both passenger and goods, does not exceed 2,040 kg ulw and has either four-wheel drive or has a permanently fitted roof, is permanently fitted with one row of transverse seats (cushioned or sprung and with upholstered backrests) behind the drivers seat, and has a window on either side to the rear of the driver’s seat and one at the rear.


Dual kingpin

1) Re articulated semi-trailers, where two kingpins are provided instead of the normal one, to give a choice of coupling positions on the tractive unit - for the purposes of controlling drive-axle weight on the tractive unit or overall combination length.


Dual braking system

1) On motor vehicles whereby if one system (or one part of a system) fails a second (dual part) operates to provide braking power on at least half the wheels.


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