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EC regulation

1) Means by which the European Commission imposes its specific requirements on member states. Such regulations are binding in all states as written and require no domestic legislation for their enactment (unlike EC directives).


EC directive

1) Means by which the European Commission requires member states to conform to a set of broad principles. Each member state must enact its own domestic legislation to give effect to the provisions (unlike EC regulations which are binding as written).


EC 3821-85

1) EC 3821/85 - EU regulations concerned with the fitment of tachographs in certain goods and passenger vehicles and their use by drivers to control and monitor driving times, rest periods, etc.


EC 3820-85

1) EC 3820/85 - EU regulations concerned with social matters regarding the working conditions of goods and passenger vehicle drivers (ie by controlling their hours of driving and setting minimum rest periods, etc).


EC 98-76

1) EC 98/76 - EU Directive, ‘On admission to the Occupation of Road Haulage Operator in National and International Operations’, under which the system of professional competence for transport managers was established.



1) (1) European Community. See EU. (2) European Commission. The so-called ‘powerhouse’ of Europe. The executive of the EU, independent of national governments (ie of member states) and answerable only to the European Parliament in its power to initiate and execute policy. The fount from which all EU legislation comes.


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