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Fixed penalty ticket office

1) The place where fixed penalties are paid within the statutory period of 28 days, or where application is made for a Court hearing, following receipt of a fixed penalty notice for a traffic offence. The address of the relevant office is given on the notice.


Fixed penalty/notice (ticket)

1) For certain road traffic offences a system of fixed penalties applies whereby the driver is given a notice (ie ticket) giving him the option of paying the fixed penalty (see below) or electing to have a Court hearing.


Fixed order quantity (fixed order size)

1) An inventory control system where stock is reviewed continuously and, whenever the inventory falls to a predetermined point, an order for a fixed quantity of stock is generated. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Fixed order interval

1) An inventory control system for which a maximum stock level has been calculated based on usage during the lead-time and order interval. Stock is reviewed at specified time periods and subsequent order size equates to the difference between the maximum stock level and the current inventory position.


Fixed costs

1) The costs incurred in an operation which are fixed - as opposed to variable costs. For example, VED, insurance costs, etc, which are paid annually and are therefore incurred whether the vehicle works or stands idle - hence reference to them in transport circles as standing costs. See also TIDE.


Fixed assets

1) Assets of a business which constitute part of the capital base and remain (relatively) permanent (eg land and buildings owned, plant, equipment, vehicles, etc, but not stock for resale).


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