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goods vehicle

Goods Vehicle Tester’s Manual

1) TSO publication, which identifies all components on goods vehicle/trailers which require testing and specifies standard for such including reasons for failure in every case.


Heavy goods vehicle

1) Legally defined as goods vehicle exceeding 7.5 tonnes pmw (including the weight of any trailer drawn). Relevant particularly to driver licensing requirements. Now replaced by term large goods vehicle - LGV - due to implementation of EU unified driver licensing scheme.


Annual testing 1 (goods vehicle)

1) A scheme for testing goods vehicles over 3,500 kg gvw, articulated vehicles and certain goods-carrying trailers annually from the anniversary date of first registration at Goods Vehicle Test Stations. On passing a ‘test certificate’ is issued which must be produced when applying for vehicle excise licences and at the request of police and enforcement authorities.


Farmer’s goods vehicle

1) Goods vehicle registered in the name of a person engaged in agriculture and used by him on public roads solely for carrying goods in connection with the agricultural land he occupies. Special rates of VED apply.


Small goods vehicle

1) In 'O' licensing, goods vehicle defined as not exceeding 3.5 tonnes pmw (ie which is exempt from such). Also, exempt from EU drivers' hours law, tachograph fitment and can be driven by person age 17 years.


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