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High visibility clothing

1) Fluorescent jackets, waistcoats, etc required by law for drivers in dock premises for safety reasons (The Docks Regulations 1988).


High street bank

1) Generally means big four clearing banks (Barclays, Lloyds TSB, National Westminster and HSBC) which offer cheque clearing accounts as well as full range of other banking services.


High stowage factor

1) Cargo which has a high bulk to low weight relationship, eg polystyrene products or hay.


High cube

1) (Also Hi-cube) Vehicle body providing high capacity for bulk/ light loads, usually mounted on small-wheeled chassis. See also Maxi Cube and Supercube.


High bay

1) As in 'high bay warehouse' used for high density storage of palletized goods, up to 30 metres high.


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