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Hub reduction

1) System of gearing in hub of heavy goods vehicle to reduce stress on crown wheel and pinion in differential and on half (ie drive)-shafts. Especially used on vehicles subjected to arduous conditions (tippers on site work, etc).


Hub and spoke

1) System in transport where all goods are brought into a central point (ie the 'hub') for sorting and are distributed out from the centre in all directions (ie the 'spoke').


Vendor hub

1) Third party operation of a warehouse, funded by suppliers, containing vendor-owned stock for delivery to a customer (see lineside warehouse). (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Веерная система (Hub and spoke)

1) Система развоза грузов получателям по маршрутам (Spoke — спица), радиально исходящим из одного терминала (Hub — ступица).


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