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Twist lock (or twistlock)

1) Locking device fitted to vehicles/rail wagons, etc to secure shipping containers. Locking pin in device is manually turned to locate in corner fittings on container to prevent movement in transit.



1) Structure at each end of a short stretch of canal (inland waterway) comprising gates and sluices that are opened and closed to change water levels.


Anti-lock braking (ABS)

1) Anti-lock braking system. A safety system by which vehicle brakes are prevented from locking the road wheels thereby preventing skidding. Works by rapidly applying and releasing brakes so as to prevent wheel lock-up, which would induce a skid.



1) Differential locking system in heavy vehicle drive line by which wheel-slip (ie wheel spin) by one set of wheels, or one axle, relative to another is detected - automatic locking is effected until traction is regained.


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