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Contract maintenance

1) Maintenance of vehicles by a specialist repairer (often the vehicle supplier) on a contracted, regular basis to save the operator incurring the costs and involvement with his own repair facilities.


Responsibility for maintenance

1) Regarding 'O' licensing, the fact that no matter who carries out maintenance work (or under what contractual terms), it is the user (ie 'O' licence holder) who remains responsible in law for the mechanical condition of vehicles/trailers.


Maintenance records

1) Under conditions on which an 'O' licence is granted, must be made and kept available for inspection for at least 15 months. Normally include safety inspections of vehicles/trailers, service records and driver defect reports. Licence holder promises to keep such - licence in jeopardy otherwise.


Maintenance expenditure on vessels

1) Expenditure for keeping vessels in working order.


Maintenance expenditure on infrastructure

1) Expenditure for keeping infrastructure in working order.


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