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Материалы, в которых встречается метка (тэг, tag)


Two-man instrument

1) Regarding tachographs, instruments which have facility for accommodating two charts and providing two simultaneous recordings (for driver, time, speed and distance; for second man time only). Relevant modes selected by driver (number 1 mode switch) and second driver (number 2 mode switch).


White van (man)

1) White painted, mainly small, delivery vans invariably showing no owner/operator livery (ie unmarked). Notorious for being driven aggressively by drivers who exhibit road rage tendencies.


Ministry man

1) Term for DTLR and Vehicle Inspectorate examiner/ enforcement officer employed by DTLR (now through Vehicle Inspectorate [VI]). Visit from Ministry man has sinister connotations (if not definite prospect of enforcement action).


Michelin man

1) Well-known logo of the Michelin tyre company, known officially as Bibendum.



1) Motorenwerke Augsburg Nurnberg. German manufacturer of heavy vehicles.


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