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Multi-user distribution

1) A system where a number of clients share a distribution operation (ie as opposed to a dedicated operation).


Multi-pull handbrake

1) System on (old) goods vehicle which had ratchet-type handbrake requiring a number of pulls to achieve braking effect but could be released in one movement - rarely seen on vehicles today (except preserved/historic examples).


Multi-modal transport

1) Where a number of modes are applied/used. In transport, for example, use of road and rail. See also Mode.



1) Vehicle load comprising a number of units. Mainly used for carriage of dangerous goods in bulk tankers where different tank compartments contain different substances.


Multi-lateral permit

1) Road haulage permit used in international transport for operations between any of the EU member states (but not outside EU). Permits allow haulier any number of journeys in year but for one vehicle only at a time. Allocated by IRFO Newcastle upon Tyne but in limited supply and only issued annually prior to beginning of year.


Multi-lateral agreement

1) Treaty between a number of national states (eg on road haulage movements).



1) Form of distribution where vehicles/drivers are required to make many deliveries (usually to retail outlets and often in proximity to each other). As many as 30 to 60 such deliveries (or even more) may normally be accomplished in a day in some operations.


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