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National transport operations/journeys

1) Term meaning transport activities carried out solely within the UK (ie without crossing national boundaries).


National Power pic

1) Constructs and operates electric power stations in the UK and worldwide. Successor to the previously state-owned UK electricity service.


National insurance (NI)

1) State scheme whereby in return for compulsory contributions (rate depending on whether employed/self-employed, etc) benefits are paid by the state (unemployment/sickness/pensions, etc).


National identification plate

1) White oval plate to be displayed on vehicles (a legal requirement) when travelling in national territories other than that in which they are registered and which shows by code letters (in black) the country from which they originate. Sometimes called nationality plate (ie the 'GB'plate).


National Federation of Bus

1) Users An independent group formed to give bus passengers a voice. Helps to develop good communication between bus companies and their passengers.



1) Express Operator of long-distance coaches on express services, usually between large towns and cities (eg Norwich - London).


National sea traffic

1) Sea traffic between two ports of a national territory or one port sea traffic, irrespective of the country in which the vessel is registered.


Cabotage (maritime context), national sea transport

1) Sea transport between two ports (a port of loading/embarkment and a port of unloading/disembarkment) located in the same country irrespective of the country in which the seagoing vessel is registered.


Sea going vessel under national flag

1) Sea going vessel which is registered at a given date in the reporting country.


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