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Notice of intended prosecution

1) Notice given/sent by police to offender to notify their intention of prosecuting. Not always necessary if offender was warned at the time of likely proceedings; or at that time or immediately after the offence an accident occurred; or a summons to appear in Court is sent within 14 days of the offence.


Prohibition notice

1) Official notice (Form PG 9) issued by VI vehicle examiners when vehicle found on road in defective (ie illegal) state. Notice prohibits its further use until rectified and cleared - prosecution may also follow.


Нотис (notice)

1) извещение, вручаемое судовладельцем (капитаном судна) фрахтователям или их агентам, о предполагаемом времени прибытия судна в порт (notice of expected time of arrival) или его готовности к проведению грузовых операций (notice of readiness). Сроки и порядок подачи Н. оговариваются в чартере.


Hazchem (notice/label/board)

1) Common term for hazard warning notice described above.


Hazard warning notice

1) Used in carriage of dangerous goods by road -correct name for label shown on tanker vehicles and tank containers carrying such in bulk. Specified in regulations The Dangerous Substances (Conveyance by Road in Road Tankers and Tank Containers) Regulations 1981.


Fixed penalty/notice (ticket)

1) For certain road traffic offences a system of fixed penalties applies whereby the driver is given a notice (ie ticket) giving him the option of paying the fixed penalty (see below) or electing to have a Court hearing.


Improvement notice

1) Issued by inspectors of the HSE when they find work practices/equipment which do not fully meet HSWA requirements. Employer is given a period of time in which to put matters right.


Defect notice

1) Official notice (Form GV 219) given by DoT (ie Vehicle Inspectorate) examiners when a vehicle is found to have defects which need attention but not of such a serious nature as to warrant prohibition (see PG 9).


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