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Stationery Office

1) See HMSO and TSO.


Fixed penalty ticket office

1) The place where fixed penalties are paid within the statutory period of 28 days, or where application is made for a Court hearing, following receipt of a fixed penalty notice for a traffic offence. The address of the relevant office is given on the notice.


Traffic office

1) Superseded term meaning an office where traffic is planned (eg in a road haulage operation). Now largely replaced with terms like 'distribution' or 'planning' office.


Traffic Area/Office

1) The UK is divided into a number of administrative areas (ie Traffic Areas) for 'O' licensing, purposes under control of Traffic Commissioner. Each has central office where forms are obtained/ applications made, etc - see local telephone directory for address and telephone.


Collector’s office

1) Customs accommodation where declaration(s) (entries) are scrutinized and amounts payable collected.


Central ticket office

1) Usually at a police headquarters (or elsewhere) where fixed penalties for traffic/motoring offences have to be paid. Address is to be found on the fixed penalty notice.


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