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Operating system

1) Term for basic system which allows a computer to function. On small computers (ie PCs) this is commonly designated MS-DOS or Windows. Apple has its own MAC Operating System - OS.


Operating costs

1) The costs incurred in operating vehicles or other transport modes. Usually includes both fixed and variable costs and overheads.


Operating centre

1) In connection with 'O' licensing, the place (specified in the licence) which is approved for the parking of vehicles when not in use (ie where vehicles are 'kept')- It contravenes licence conditions to use any other place for parking without prior approval of LA (ie by making variation application/placing newspaper adverts, etc).


Перевозчик, не владеющий тоннажем (Nonvessel-operating common carrierNVOCС)

1) В международной торговле фирма, которая предоставляет услуги по перевозке грузов морем, но сама не является владельцем морского судна.


Total operating cost

1) In connection with vehicle costing, a combination of fixed (ie standing), variable (ie running) and overhead (ie establishment) costs. In effect, the figure which indicates to an own-account operator what his vehicles cost to own and run and to a haulier the basis on which he calculates his profit margin.


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