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Public liability

1) Liability of a person/firm towards others if they suffer damage or injury at your hands (ie on your premises/by your vehicles). Insurance can be taken out to protect against public liability claims (eg when a customer visiting firm's premises slips on floor and is injured; when a passer-by is hit by a cab door or accidentally walks into a tail-lift.


Public inquiry

1) (1) In connection with 'O' licensing and LGV/PCV driver entitlements, public hearing (at which press may also be present) at which Traffic Commissioner 'interviews' licence applicant/holder on certain matters.


Товарный склад общего пользования (Public warehouse)

1) Товарный склад, владелец которого сдает внаем складское пространство (складские площади) и предоставляет складские услуги любым потребителям.


Public sea transport enterprise

1) Sea transport enterprise which is principally owned (more than 50 per cent of the capital) by the State or public authorities and their enterprises.



Section 69 public inquiry

1) Regarding 'O' licensing, the legal provision (TA 1968 [as amended] s 69) which gives TCs powers to call a licence holder to public inquiry for disciplinary purposes and administer penalties (eg curtailment, suspension or revocation).


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