Материалы, в которых встречается метка (тэг, tag)

Железнодорожная ветка (Rail siding)

1) Короткий железнодорожный путь, ведущий от главной железнодорожной линии к заводу потребителя или товарному складу.


Bus and rail groups

1) The major UK bus and rail groups are: Arriva, FirstGroup, Go-Ahead, National Express, Prism, Stagecoach and Yorkshire Traction.


Heavy rail

1) Conventional rail services as opposed to tramway and light rail (ie LRT) systems.


Road-rail systems

1) Transport systems designed to permit a combination of road and rail travel (usually by mounting vehicle on special rail wagons - see Piggy-back and Kangourou).


Light rail

1) Modern terminology for tram-type transit system (LRT). Usually operating within towns and cities or on short haul journeys (eg Croydon tramway and the Dockland Light Railway). See LRTA.


Rail loading gauge

1) The profile of bridges and tunnels, etc above rail lines which determines the size of wagons that can pass through. Generally, gauges are known by name - eg A, B, B+, C, W6, Berne, UIC and Channel Tunnel.


Rail freight

1) Freight traffic carried by rail, booked either by container, wagonload or trainload.


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