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Rapid transit

1) Passenger transport system (usually rail) designed to provide quick journeys. Normally segregated from other traffic.


Rapid Service Pass

1) Eurotunnel pass to allow regular Channel Tunnel (ie Le Shuttle) users to travel on an account basis without having to stop and make payment on arrival at the Tunnel toll.


Rapid intervention vehicle

1) Fast vehicle used by fire brigades to get quickly to a fire/emergency to start fire fighting/rescue pending arrival of main (usually slower) vehicle units.


Rapid acquisition of manufactured parts (RAMP)

1) A make to order process to reduce the purchasing lead time for long lead time manufactured parts whereby product data is held in STEP (the international standard for exchange of manufacturing product data) by the customer and exchanged, in electronic format, when an order is placed. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


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