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Current ratio

1) Financial calculation used to indicate ratio of current assets to current liabilities (ie the ability to pay current demands out of available funds) - same as working capital ratio.


Power to weight ratio

1) Relationship of vehicle gvw to engine power output. Minimum standard formerly set by law (4.4 kW per 1,000 kg for post 1973 vehicles). Thus 38-tonner legally needed a minimum power output of 167.2 kW.


First pick ratio

1) During order picking, the percentage of orders or lines for which 100 per cent completion was achieved from the primary location or picking face. (Source: ILT Supply-Chain Inventory Management SIG)


Financial ratio

1) System used (mainly) in accounting and by bank managers to give a quick indication of the financial standing of a firm/ client (eg current ratio which indicates the relationship of a firm’s assets to its liabilities, or liquidity ratio – working capital to current liabilities – which indicates how quickly a firm could settle its debts).


P/E ratio

1) Price/earnings ratio. A term related to the share price for a firm and its profitability. A measure by which the financial viability of a firm is assessed.


Показатель «цена - прибыль» (price-earnings ratio)

1) показатель, используемый для оценки фактической прибыльности котирующейся на фондовой бирже акционерной компании, который выражается в виде рыночной цены акций 1, деленной на прибыль компании.


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