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Triangular rear reflectors

1) Only to be fitted on rear of trailers -prohibited by law on other vehicles.


Rear underrun protection

1) Legal term for rear bumpers on heavy vehicles/trailers. Required on vehicles over 3,500 kg gvw and trailers over 1020 kg unladen weight. Intended to reduce damage/injury to small vehicles, cyclists and motor cyclists, etc which may run into rear.


Rear steer

1) Vehicle/plant where the steering axle is at the rear rather than the front. Also applies to certain long articulated semi-trailers where the rearmost axle is steerable (via connections from tractive unit) to give greater manoeuvrability and avoid excessive tyre wear through scrubbing when tight turning.


Rear reflective marker

1) System of fluorescent and reflective rear marking required on goods vehicles over 7,500 kg and trailers over 3,500 kg gvw. Type of marker (ie diagonal stripes or 'Long Vehicle') to be used depends on length of vehicle/trailer.


Rear position light

1) Vehicle red rear light. Two required and must be switched on when vehicle on road between sunset and sunrise.


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