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Unlit road

1) Road on which street lights are placed at intervals greater than 200 yards (in Scotland 185 metres). Vehicle headlamps must be used on such roads between sunset and sunrise.


Rolling road

1) Equipment used in vehicle workshops and test stations, etc to provide facility for testing brakes. Also used in connection with calibrating tachographs.


Road-rail systems

1) Transport systems designed to permit a combination of road and rail travel (usually by mounting vehicle on special rail wagons - see Piggy-back and Kangourou).


Road train

1) Term (particularly in Europe) for lorry and trailer (ie drawbar) combination.


Road transport offence

1) An offence taken into account when determining the 'good repute' of an 'O' licence applicant or holder. Conviction for one such offence (based on the Traffic Commissioner's assessment of its seriousness) is sufficient to rule against good repute and thus the right to hold a licence.


Road traffic accident

1) Accident involving motor vehicle on road in which damage to another vehicle or roadside property occurs or other persons are injured. In the event of such, driver must stop, give his name and address, that of the vehicle owner and the vehicle registration number and report to police as soon as reasonably possible but in any case within 24 hours.


Road speed limiter

1) Device fitted to goods vehicles and coaches to limit road speed. Currently plans to require such by law on goods vehicles.


Road pricing

1) Scheme whereby road users are required to pay more directly for their use of the road, either on a general basis or for use of specific stretches/areas.


Road network database

1) Computer file (ie database) on which the whole road system (UK and Europe) is logged by grid reference and which can provide (on access) so-called 'best' route between any two points depending on criteria selected (ie shortest distance, fastest travel, mainly motorways, avoiding certain obstacles/bridges/town centres, etc).


Road haulage permit

1) Road haulage permit needed to transit/enter countries with which UK has negotiated agreement. Available in many forms from IRFO (under allocation system).


Road Haulage Forum

1) A discussion body comprising the road haulage industry (RHA, FTA, etc) and DLTR Ministers, initially on fuel and vehicle licence costs, but other relevant matters also covered.


Road friendly suspension

1) Suspension system for heavy vehicles which meets legal conditions for causing minimum road damage - mainly achieved through the use of air suspension.


Road construction vehicle

1) Defined for legal purposes as one constructed or adapted for conveying built-in road construction machinery and not for carrying any other load except its own articles and material used for road construction - V(E)A 1971 s4(2).


Road charging

1) See Road pricing.



1) Defined in law as any highway or any other road to which the public has access - including bridges carrying the road.


Restricted road

1) Road on which 30 mph speed limit applies (ie one with street lamps positioned not more than 200 yards (in Scotland 185 metres) apart. Possible for some such roads to be designated as non-restricted and other roads without street lamps designated as restricted roads.


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