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Automatic tachograph

1) A tachograph instrument which automatically records driving mode on a chart when the vehicle is moving - saves driver having to turn the activity mode switch to ‘drive mode’ every time he starts to drive the vehicle.


Intrinsically safe tachograph

1) Tachograph designed for and fitted to goods vehicle wired to meet special requirements for petroleum and other dangerous goods carrying vehicles (in common terms, to meet 'petroleum regulations').


Gearbox (vehicle/tachograph drive)

1) Part of vehicle transmission system (see also drive line). Attached to rear of engine via clutch and provides facility for selecting alternative gear ratios depending on vehicle weight, road gradient and desired speed of travel.


DoT register (of tachograph seals)

1) Tachograph installations must be mandatorily sealed following calibration/two-yearly checks with lead, customs-type seals. In fixing the seal a number and the approved fitting station code is impressed.


Digital tachograph

1) New generation tachograph using digital technology with driver smart cards, etc, instead of paper-based chart recording. See Tachograph for a more detailed explanation.


Тахограф (Tachograph)

1) Электронный прибор, который непрерывно регистрирует скорость грузовика, число оборотов двигателя в минуту, холостую работу двигателя и другие параметры при эксплуатации грузовика.


Tachograph chart/analysis

1) Special pre-printed circular disc with wax coated (ie pressure sensitive) surface on which recordings are made. Such can be analysed with accuracy to determine basics of vehicle/driver activity (eg observance of EU hours' law) and by specialists in event of accident.



1) Instrument (fitted mainly in heavy vehicles) for indicating and recording (on special charts - see below) time/speed/distance. Also records driver's other work activities/breaks/rest periods. Required on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gvw under regulation EC 3821/85 (unless exempt). See also Digital tachograph.


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