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Temporary exemption

1) Regarding goods vehicle plating and testing, period (not exceeding three months) of exemption from need to hold valid test certificate when for special reasons test cannot be carried out (due to severe weather, fire, epidemic, failure of essential services, etc - but not vehicle breakdown or operator convenience).


Temporary derogation

1) Regarding 'O' licensing, period when TC may allow a standard licence to continue (one year plus possible further six months) for the replacement of a professionally competent person (generally when such has died or become legally incapacitated).


Temporary cover note

1) Issued by insurance companies to provide immediate evidence of cover pending the issue of full certificate of insurance. Provides cover for limited period (eg 30 days) but acceptable to police and for VED application, etc. If sent by post cover is not effective until insured has document in his possession.


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