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Urban test cycle

1) Regarding official tests to determine fuel consumption for new cars - one of three standard tests conducted to simulate urban driving and not exceeding 50 kph (other tests are constant speed at 90 kph and optional constant speed at 120 kph).


MOT test

1) The annual test applied to motor cars and light vehicles (not exceeding 3,500 kg gvw) from the third anniversary of their date of original registration.


Minimum test vehicle

1) From 1 July 1996 the LGV driving test requires vehicles of specified minimum weight and speed capability (known as minimum test vehicles - MTVs) depending on the category of driving entitlement required.


First test

1) In connection with goods vehicle plating and annual testing, the first annual test for which a vehicle/trailer is submitted to goods vehicle testing station (ie in the anniversary month of original registration).


Periodical test

1) Regarding goods vehicle testing, the part 3 test which is carried out annually after the first test. See Part I - V (MOT tests).


Combined test

1) A combined driving test taken on a goods vehicle whereby the learner driver may gain both ordinary and large goods vehicle driving licences on passing the test. This facility is no longer available in the UK.


Advanced driving test

1) Advanced level driving test organized and conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (available for car, motorcycle and goods vehicle drivers) and intended to ensure exceptionally high standards of driving competence and road safety.


Refusal to test

1) Regarding goods vehicle testing, the right of the testing station to refuse to test a vehicle submitted in contravention of the stated requirements (eg late arrival, no documents, dirty, unsafe, insufficient fuel/ oil). Form VTG 12 is issued, stating reason.


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