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Towpath (towing path)

1) Footpath alongside canals and inland waterways - pavements of the waterways. Originally used by horses drawing barges. Now provide recreational access for walkers, cyclists, anglers and leisure boaters. BW manages and cares for over 2,400 kms of towpaths.


Towing dolly

1) Term for towing device which lifts vehicles/trailers partially from ground. Legally defined as either towing implement (which raises other vehicles, eg when broken-down) or as converter dolly (on which is mounted a fifth-wheel plate, etc to support and tow a semi-trailer).


Towing distance

1) Applies when one vehicle tows another by means of rope/chain/webbing strap, etc (but not when rigid two-bar used). Maximum distance between two vehicles must not exceed 4.5 metres.


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