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Extendible trailer

1) Articulated semi-trailer capable of being extended in length to accommodate loads of exceptional length. See also Trombone trailers.


Works truck/trailer

1) Legally defined as truck/trailer designed to be used in private premises and used on road only for delivering goods between or to or from premises or vehicles in the immediate neighbourhood. Special rate of VED applies.


Swan-neck trailer

1) Semi-trailer with low platform (eg for carriage of heavy or tall machinery/plant, etc) and swan shaped neck to higher level for coupling to fifth-wheel on tractive unit.


Frameless trailer

1) Type of semi-trailer whereby coupling equipment and running gear are mounted direct to the underside of the van body rather than, as conventionally, on a chassis frame. This design reduces weight and thereby increases payload potential.


Drop-frame trailer

1) Semi-trailer in which the chassis (ie frame) can be lowered to ground to allow easy loading (of wheeled/tracked plant, etc).


Trombone trailer

1) Semi-trailer designed to be capable of extension (as with trombone) for carrying exceptionally long loads (pipes/girders/steel strip, etc).


Roll trailer

1) A low, flatbed trailer used in dockside operations for moving containers onto and off roll-on/roll-off ferry ships.


Drawbar trailer/combination

1) Trailer with four or more wheels drawn by a rigid vehicle to form a drawbar combination. Currently in UK may be up to 32,520 kg maximum gvw and 18 metres long (to be increased to 18.35 metres).


Bi-modal trailer

1) Specialized road semi-trailer which converts into a rail wagon for rail transit. On the road the trailer runs on its own wheel and tyre bogie, but when connected to rail it rests on special rail bogies at each end with the road-wheel bogie retracted. These trailers are strengthened to withstand the forces generated in rail shunting.


Контрейлерные перевозки (Trailer on flatcar TOFС)

1) Смешанные автомобильно-железнодорожные перевозки контейнеров на платформах.



1) Vehicle (mainly non-powered) towed by a motor vehicle but includes broken-down vehicles on tow, etc.


Composite trailer

1) In legal terms, a road trailer comprising an articulated semi-trailer mounted on a towing dolly. As such this counts as only one trailer when determining the number of trailers a goods vehicle may draw under the C&U regulations.


Mafi trailer

1) A type of roll trailer (of German manufacture) used for moving containers onto roll-on/roll-off ferries.


Rental (car/truck/trailer/fork-lift truck)

1) Business of renting out (usually on relatively short-term basis) vehicles, etc. Such vehicles used by firms needing extra capacity for short periods or cover for their own vehicles which are temporarily out of service.


Skeletal trailer

1) Trailer with 'skeleton-type' frame specially designed, and with twist-lock fittings, to carry containers. Idea is to reduce unladen weight by excluding platform structure.


Accompanied vehicle (trailer)

1) Driver accompanied vehicle/trailer, usually on cross-Channel ferry service. See also Unaccompanied.



1) Trailer which forms part of an articulated vehicle and is coupled in such a way that a minimum of 20 per cent of the weight of the load is borne by the drawing vehicle (ie the tractive unit).


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