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Rural Transport Development Fund

1) Fund from DTLR intended for developing innovative rural transport services such as car-sharing, taxi-buses and dial-a-bus services. Administered by the RDC; see RDC (4).


Multimodal Transport Convention 1980

1) Major convention under auspices of United Nations to promote standard contractual provisions in multi-modal transport.


Multi-modal transport

1) Where a number of modes are applied/used. In transport, for example, use of road and rail. See also Mode.


Европейская конференция министров транспорта (European Conference of Ministers of Transport - ECMT)

1) межправительственная организация, учрежденная в 1953 г. в целях развития международного сотрудничества на транспорте.


Sustainable transport

1) Generic name given to low energy and mass transit modes (eg walking, cycling and the use of the bus and light rail systems).


Ассоциация промышленного железнодорожного транспорта (Association of Industrial Railway Transport)

1) объединяет предприятия промышленного железнодорожного транспорта, а также транспортные цехи промышленных и других предприятий. Расположена в г. Москве. Имеет филиалы на большинстве железных дорог РФ. Функционирует с 1986 г. Президент - Кукушкин А.Г.


Motor Transport

1) Weekly road transport newspaper.


International transport operations/journeys

1) Term referring to transport operations that cross national boundaries (eg UK, Europe, Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, etc). Particularly relevant to operator licensing, professional competence qualifications and exemptions to EU driving hours/ tachograph regulations.


Международная ассоциация воздушного транспорта (International Air Transport Association LATA)

1) Картель, который устанавливает тарифы на международные воздушные перевозки.


National transport operations/journeys

1) Term meaning transport activities carried out solely within the UK (ie without crossing national boundaries).


Road transport offence

1) An offence taken into account when determining the 'good repute' of an 'O' licence applicant or holder. Conviction for one such offence (based on the Traffic Commissioner's assessment of its seriousness) is sufficient to rule against good repute and thus the right to hold a licence.


Intelligent transport systems

1) Use of modern computing technology and telecommunications to aid the development and implementation of more efficient and safer transport systems. See also Telematics.


Накладная товарно-транспортная (commodity-transport waybill)

1) договор перевозки груза автомобильным транспортом. При международной перевозке составляется в 4 экземплярах, первый из которых остается у грузоотправителя, второй — следует с грузом, третий и четвертый — остаются у перевозчика.


Integrated transport

1) The key transport philosophy of the UK government in which not only bus and train services are integrated, but also where integration takes place in a wider scope.


Transport Tribunal

1) Judicial body (under control of Lord Chancellor) constituted solely to deal with 'O' licensing appeals. Comprises president (usually a judge) and at least two other sitting members - see booklet, Appeals to the Transport Tribunal available free from Traffic Area offices.


Transport Kills

1) Report produced by HSE on study of fatal accidents in industry which shows vehicles to be one of biggest killers (through loading, unloading, maintenance, movement and especially reversing of vehicles).


Transport Action Clean Up

1) DTLR programme aimed at cutting emissions pollution from vehicles in larger UK cities. Operators of older vehicles are offered grants towards the purchase of emission-reducing equipment such as catalytic converters and particulate traps.


Transport 2000

1) Campaigning organization for environmentally sensitive transport policies.



1) Means to carry or convey goods/people, etc. In the context of this dictionary, means anything and everything to do with operation of goods vehicles and movement of goods.


Bi-modal transport

1) The carriage of goods by two separate modes of transport, usually road and rail. Certain special trailers have retractable running gear and actually ride on rail bogies for long-haul rail journeys.

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