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User of vehicle

1) The person who drives a vehicle or who employs a person to drive it on his behalf (ie both driver and employer of the driver). Key term in transport law - most legislation is aimed at the 'user'.


Keeper of vehicle

1) Person/firm named on vehicle registration document as being the 'keeper' (ie the operator, not necessarily the owner - who may be a lessor/finance house, etc) and to whom owner liability aspects of law apply (eg for failure by driver to respond to fixed penalty notices).


Dual-purpose vehicle

1) A vehicle specifically defined in law. It may be generally described as being constructed or adapted to carry both passenger and goods, does not exceed 2,040 kg ulw and has either four-wheel drive or has a permanently fitted roof, is permanently fitted with one row of transverse seats (cushioned or sprung and with upholstered backrests) behind the drivers seat, and has a window on either side to the rear of the driver’s seat and one at the rear.


Gross weight (vehicle/axle)

1) The total weight of a vehicle/trailer or vehicle/trailer combination transmitted to the road by all the wheels. Includes load, driver/passenger, loose equipment and fuel.


Authorized vehicles

1) The maximum number of vehicles (ie over 3.5 tonnes gvw) which may be operated under an ‘O’ licence. This is the total number authorized by the Traffic Commissioner and must not be exceeded (see also ‘specified vehicles’ and ‘margin’).


Goods Vehicle Tester’s Manual

1) TSO publication, which identifies all components on goods vehicle/trailers which require testing and specifies standard for such including reasons for failure in every case.


Dropside (vehicle body)

1) Open-bodied goods vehicle on which the sides (sideboards) are hinged to drop down for ease of loading/unloading or to permit the carriage of wider loads – or which may be totally removed.


Goods Vehicle Centre

1) Swansea centre where goods vehicle plating and testing administration is carried out. Not to be confused with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre also at Swansea.


Vehicle owner liability

1) See Owner liability.


Vehicle Inspectorate

1) Executive agency of DTLR which deals with vehicle testing and both roadside and on-premises inspection of goods and passenger vehicles.


Vehicle Enquiry Unit

1) A section within the DVLA at Swansea which deals with enquiries about vehicle registration numbers, etc.


Vehicle Certification Agency

1) Executive agency of the DTLR responsible for carrying out tests on new vehicles, vehicle systems and components to ensure they meet international safety and environmental protection standards and for certification of vehicles under the type approval scheme. See also VCA.


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

1) Executive body of the DTLR that has taken over the driver and vehicle licensing work of the DVLC.


Vehicle bans

1) Periods of time (usually at weekends) when goods vehicles (over specified weights) are banned from using roads (ie passing through). Many EC states have such bans and international operators should be aware of these because of the delays they can cause to vehicle schedules.


Stopping a moving vehicle

1) In GB, only a police officer in uniform is legally authorized to stop a moving vehicle (in NI a DOE enforcement officer in civilian clothes may also do so).


Vehicle acquisition

1) Term to describe the process of determining the best (eg most economical) method of obtaining the use of vehicles (outright purchase/hire purchase/lease/contract hire/rental, etc).



1) A means of transporting goods or passengers, including lorries, buses and coaches, railway rolling stock, ships and inland waterway craft and aircraft.


Drawing vehicle

1) Term used in legislation for a motor vehicle which draws a trailer.


Heavy goods vehicle

1) Legally defined as goods vehicle exceeding 7.5 tonnes pmw (including the weight of any trailer drawn). Relevant particularly to driver licensing requirements. Now replaced by term large goods vehicle - LGV - due to implementation of EU unified driver licensing scheme.


Gearbox (vehicle/tachograph drive)

1) Part of vehicle transmission system (see also drive line). Attached to rear of engine via clutch and provides facility for selecting alternative gear ratios depending on vehicle weight, road gradient and desired speed of travel.

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