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TV in vehicles

1) Only permitted if driver cannot see screen (directly or indirectly) unless provided to give him road information or about his vehicle (when reversing, etc).


Low-energy vehicles

1) Vehicles that use fuels and technologies which reduce pollutant emissions and/or which have been manufactured using sustainable construction methods.


Transfer of vehicles

1) Regarding 'O' licensing, transfer of (over 3.5 tonne gvw) vehicles from licence in one Traffic Area to another. Permitted for three months maximum before removing from original licence and adding to licence in other area (by use of form GV 80 in both cases).


Electric vehicles

1) Vehicles powered by electric storage battery. Normally used for short range/low speed operations (ie local deliveries - milk rounds). Such vehicles are exempt from VED.


Specified vehicles

1) In connection with 'O' licensing, the vehicles which are actually specified on the licence by registration number/type/maximum gvw.


Safety of loads on vehicles

1) DTLR code of practice on this subject (copies available from TSO). Shows how to safely load and secure many different types of goods, etc.


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