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Swingbed (swing-bed) wagon

1) Rail wagon designed for piggyback operations. Has a hydraulically-operated, hinged loading platform that swings out to the side and slopes down to allow semi-trailers to be loaded.


Multifret wagon

1) Low platform rail wagon used for carrying unit load traffic (eg containers and swap bodies) on intermodal rail services.


Wagon and drag

1) Old haulage industry term for lorry and trailer (ie drawbar combination).


Pocket wagon

1) Purpose-built rail wagon with pockets into which the bogies of road vehicle semi-trailers slot to provide low-height transit for loading gauge clearance.


Spine wagon

1) Rail wagon designed for piggyback operations, designed round a central spine and carrying outrigger platforms on which road semitrailer bogies are carried. Has advantage of being narrower and lighter than conventional pocket piggyback wagons.


Tower wagon

1) Legally defined as goods vehicle with built in expanding/ extendible contrivance for inspecting/repairing, etc overhead structures or equipment and which carries no load other than its own articles. Special rate of VED applies.


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