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Материалы, в которых встречается метка (тэг, tag)


Way point

1) A point or stopping place on a road, path or track. Often where a journey is, or may be broken, or from which route distances are measured.


Way marker

1) A sign on a track or path indicating the route to follow (or a choice of routes) and possibly the distance to the next key point ahead or the final destination.


Four-way pallet

1) A pallet designed to allow FLT forks to be inserted from all four sides as opposed to the usual two-way entry.


One-way rental

1) Form of short-term rental of car/truck/trailer on basis that it will be left at the other end of the journey (ie not brought back to point of original hire).



1) The road or track on which vehicles travel - hence roadway or highway and railway. Can also include a canal or river. Ways may be natural (ie river or sea), natural but artificially improved (ie a river with navigation improvements) or artificial (ie roads and railways).


Three-way tipper

1) Tipping vehicle capable of tipping to the rear and to either side. Often found in local authority fleets.


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