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Rural Bus Services Grant

1) Budget (from the government) intended to fund means of encouraging the use of public transport.


Rural Bus Challenge

1) Fund provided by Government for which local authorities and other agencies can bid for improving public transport provision in these areas. See also Urban Bus Challenge.


Bus lane

1) Area of public road marked and restricted for use normally only by buses (but may also be used by taxis and pedal cyclists) during the times of operation as indicated on nearby signs.


Bus and rail groups

1) The major UK bus and rail groups are: Arriva, FirstGroup, Go-Ahead, National Express, Prism, Stagecoach and Yorkshire Traction.



1) Legally defined as a vehicle constructed or adapted to carry more than eight seated passengers in addition to the driver.


Urban Bus Challenge

1) Fund provided by government for which local authorities and other agencies can bid for improving public transport provision in these areas. See also Rural Bus Challenge.


Local (bus) services

1) Defined for the purposes of registration under bus licensing rules as being, broadly, services operated with a public service vehicle (PSV) on which passengers can make journeys of less than 15 miles in a straight line and are carried for hire at separate fares.


National Federation of Bus

1) Users An independent group formed to give bus passengers a voice. Helps to develop good communication between bus companies and their passengers.


Play bus

1) Vehicle exempt from LGV driver entitlement and plating and annual testing requirements. Defined as a vehicle originally constructed to carry more than 12 passengers but which has been adapted primarily for the carriage of play things for children.



1) Controlled area network databus. A control system for electronics which, in heavy truck technology terms, replaces conventional wiring systems and allows such as engine performance data (fuel consumption, temperatures and operating hours, etc) to be displayed, recorded and downloaded - Volvo calls its system ‘TEA’ (Truck electronic architecture); Mercedes-Benz calls its system ‘Telligent’.


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