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In-cab computer

1) Extension of modern communications technology to the vehicle cab. In-cab computers provide direct communication between driver and office/central computer for passing messages/relevant data. Some provide print out (ie hard copy) facility for confirmation. Massive future trend predicted in this direction.


Space cab

1) High-roof sleeper cab on DAF heavy vehicles primarily intended for long-haul and international haulage operations.


Sleeper cab

1) Vehicle cab with provision of driver's bunk (may be two such), usually behind seats, for sleeping. Opposite of day cab. See also Sleeper pod.


Day cab

1) Term used to describe goods vehicle cab with no sleeping/bunk facilities (but see also sleeper pod). Generally this means a shorter cab allowing greater load platform length on the chassis.


Tilt cab

1) Heavy vehicle cab which can be tilted forward to allow access to engine, etc for ease of servicing and repair.



1) (1) Abbreviated term for the driver’s compartment of a lorry (ie cabin). (2) Colloquial term for a taxi (ie hackney carriage that can be hailed in the street). (3) Citizen’s Advice Bureau. From where useful legal information can be obtained (on working conditions and employments terms, etc).


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