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Fork pockets

1) On containers and swap bodies, strengthened slots built in to the underside of the frame into which the forks (tines) of a heavy duty FLT (or the grapple arms of an container crane) can be slotted for lifting purposes.


Fork-lift truck (FLT)

1) Mechanical handling equipment with forks to lift and carry pallets. Used for stacking, etc in warehouses and for vehicle loading/unloading. Mainly electrically powered (by rechargeable battery) for warehouse operations but often gas or diesel powered for external operations.


Counterbalanced fork-lift truck

1) A type of fork-lift truck in which the extended forks are counterbalanced by the heavily weighted rear-end of the truck.


Rental (car/truck/trailer/fork-lift truck)

1) Business of renting out (usually on relatively short-term basis) vehicles, etc. Such vehicles used by firms needing extra capacity for short periods or cover for their own vehicles which are temporarily out of service.


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