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Fuel duty escalator

1) The Government’s annual road fuel duty escalator, started in 1993 and recently dropped, to tackle the problem of pollution, under which fuel prices were increased by a percentage above the current rate of inflation.


Fuel consumption testing

1) New cars displayed for sale since 1978 must show official fuel consumption figures produced by official testing carried out in government approved laboratories/test tracks - Energy Act 1976 and Passenger Car Fuel Consumption Order 1977.


Fuel cell

1) An energy conversion device that electrochemically converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Revolutionary new form of vehicle propulsion using a combination of hydrogen and oxygen from the air that produces energy silently and without combustion.


Duty free fuel

1) Diesel fuel (ie rebated heavy oil) on which reduced duty has been paid. Such fuel is commonly called gas oil or red diesel and is intended for use in off-road vehicles, contractors plant, farm vehicles, etc. It is illegal to use it in normal road vehicles - full duty-paid diesel fuel must be used in these.


Excess fuel device

1) Device on diesel-engined vehicles to provide additional fuel for starting purposes. Illegal to be located within reach of a person in the vehicle when it is moving. Produces illegal black smoke if used while the vehicle is on move. See also Cold start.


Bi-fuel vehicle

1) Vehicles (mainly cars and light vans, currently) designed to run on both conventional unleaded petrol or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Also known as alternative fuel vehicles (AFV).


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