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Loading gauge

1) A standard measure used to allow safe passage of rail wagons through bridges/tunnels, etc (ie the maximum height and width to which rail wagons must conform to avoid risk of collision with bridges, etc).



1) Loading gauge or rail gauge. The width of facilities to accommodate through trains carrying freight units (eg containers, swap-bodies, etc), also the width of the actual rail track (UK standard 4ft 8Ѕins). See also Static gauge and Kinematic envelope.


Static gauge

1) Physical dimensions of a railway vehicle at rest (see also kinematic envelope, gauge and loading gauge).


Berne Gauge

1) European standard rail loading gauge (not to be confused with track gauge).


Track gauge

1) The distance between rail lines. For the UK and Europe the dimension is 1,435 mm (ie 4ft 8 1/2 ins); Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Finland operate on different gauges.


Rail loading gauge

1) The profile of bridges and tunnels, etc above rail lines which determines the size of wagons that can pass through. Generally, gauges are known by name - eg A, B, B+, C, W6, Berne, UIC and Channel Tunnel.


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